Delivering ROBUST2 mLearning

Robert Gadd

Cofounder & President, OnPoint Digital Inc.

David Wentworth

Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall



Despite the fact that modern smartphones and tablets have existed for almost fifteen years and nearly everyone who wants one now has one, organizations have not quite figured out how to best leverage these mobile devices for learning. The desire exists to make learning as mobile friendly as possible but the planning and execution of enterprise mobile learning strategies have proven to be hit or miss. It's time to look at specific use cases and strategies for making mLearning successful and understand what learning industry research says about the state of readiness, preferred delivery methods for mobile learning, key obstacles that need to be overcome, and where overall market acceptance is for learning on-the-go.

Discussion Topics Included:

  • Current State of Enterprise mLearning. A review of BHG's recent research on mobile learning and how organizations are approaching and planning successful projects.
  • The "ROBUST 2 " mLearning Model. OnPoint's seven-step rubric for mobile learning planning, execution and success.
  • Key Use Cases & Solution Examples. Typical implementations of enterprise mLearning spanning sales training, product knowledge and remote learning use cases.

Credit Where Credit is Due:

OnPoint has focused on being a market leader in enterprise mobile learning for most of our twenty-year existence and we're proud of all of the innovations and advances our team has designed and delivered that have supported millions of learners on the devices they have in their pockets and purses. It's especially useful for others to see what's possible and practical via case study examples shared by enterprise customers and OnPoint is pleased to have so many successful implementations of true enterprise-grade mobile learning programs too. Thanks to all our customers who shared their stories and experiences in this webinar and we hope they inspire others to take on their own mobile learning initiatives with or without our assistance in the future.